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by Samantha-Jane
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A heartfelt, warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting my page. 

My name is Samantha-Jane (Sam to all my friends and family, which I hope, soon, you will be too!).  I’ve been passionate about Jewellery and Crafts for over 20 years, studying Jewellery to trade in 1998.  Since then, I’ve had my family, travelled for a bit, studied (again!) and discovered what I love most about the world! Which (I hope) is reflected in my creations on this page. 

I am an independent Jewellery and Craft business located in the heart of Scotland, making bespoke jewellery using some of the world’s most beautiful gemstones.  Gemstones are natural products of the Earth, each with their own characteristic and quirk, just like you or me!  With our crafts we use only the finest materials and ingredients ensuring that not only are they environmentally friendly but durable and long lasting too.   Our current craft range includes wax melts and candles with future projects of pottery and painted glass due to make an appearance later in the year!  

So, thank you again for stopping by, have a browse, ask me questions (if you have any) and enjoy the collection which is available for you to buy

With love,


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